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Enjoy Today

taken care of.

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The future might seem intimidating now,
but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Life transitions can be a lot to manage, even for the most successful members of our community.

But with a clear plan for your money and a team of trusted financial advisors backing you up, you can stop worrying about what comes next.

You deserve to enjoy every season of life. We can help.

Enjoy peace of mind with a personalized financial plan.

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Ease Your Worries

Bring order and clarity to every decision with a trusted financial advisor walking beside you every step of the way.

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Strategize Your Investments

Retire when you want, knowing your portfolio is working hard for you.
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Protect Your Legacy

Our risk management and wealth transfer services make it easier on you, your spouse and your children.

Feel confident in your financial future in just three steps:

1. Talk with an Advisor

We want to hear about you. Tell us your story, the challenges you face and your plans for the future. From there, we’ll explore how West Michigan Advisors can help.

2. Get a Clear Plan

Together we’ll craft a plan for your finances that makes it easy to live the life you want and care for your family for years to come.

3. Rest Easy

Feel settled knowing you’ll have the right plan in place. With our expert team in your corner, you’ll make wise and informed decisions no matter what comes your way.

You don’t just need someone who knows finances,

you need someone who gets you .

At West Michigan Advisors we believe financial planning should be personal. It’s not just about money, it’s about you — your story, your dreams, your family.

That’s why we treat you as an individual.

Our financial advisors sit down with you to hear where you’re coming from and where you want to go. And with decades of experience and hundreds of happy clients, we have the expertise to help you get there. Whether you’re planning to enjoy a long retirement with loved ones or securing a legacy for your kids and grandkids, we’ll walk alongside you the whole way.

Get a team of financial advisors your family can trust.

  • Decades of experience
  • Multi-generational team
  • West Michigan values

Retirement planning
isn't just about numbers.
It's about you.

Download our free retirement planning workbook to make sure
your strategy is customized to your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes WMA different from other financial advisors?

Put simply, our advisors. We boast bright minds and seasoned experts, all united by a desire to see our clients enjoy every season of life. Sure there might be other firms around, but meet with us and we know you’ll see the difference.

Is West Michigan Advisors a fiduciary?

Yes, we are proud to be a fiduciary. That means we are legally and ethically bound to act in your best interest. 

Are you fee-based or fee-only?

We are a fee-based team. That means we are compensated through a mix of flat fees, percentage of assets under management, and commissions. The benefit of this model is that it allows us to offer the widest range of services, working towards a holistic financial plan.

Is there an account minimum to work with West Michigan Advisors?

We can offer solutions for all levels of assets, but we work primarily with those investing $250,000 or more. 

What investment solutions do you offer?

We offer alternative investments, separately managed and unified managed accounts, managed discretionary accounts, wrap accounts, structured products and options, along with traditional offerings such as equities, fixed income, annuities, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

Will I work with one advisor or the whole team?

While one advisor will serve as your primary contact, you get the benefit of our entire team working with you. We collaborate regularly to provide the best services for all of our clients.

Is there an asset minimum needed to work with you?

We don’t currently have a minimum requirement to engage our services, though clients with over $500,000 in investable assets will see the greatest benefit from working with us. If you want to see if West Michigan Advisors is a good fit for you, start by scheduling a free call with one of our advisors.

Prepare your portfolio for a recession the right way.

Download our free guide on getting peace of mind about your retirement future, no matter the state of the economy. We’ll talk about how to plan for retirement before and during a recession, no matter what age you are now, so you can be confident in the decisions you make for you and your family.

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