Is your portfolio ready for a recession?

Put Your Money to Work for You with Investment Management

Put Your Money to Work for You with Investment Management

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Portfolios Built Around Your Goals
Our Investment Management Services

Tax Advantage

Taxes shouldn’t erase your returns. We’ll help you structure your investments in a way that minimizes unnecessary taxes and keeps more returns in your pocket.


You shouldn’t have to spend all your time researching and updating investments. Our team will build out your portfolio and consistently optimize it for success.


There’s more than stocks and bonds. If you want to completely diversify your portfolio, we can help with alternative investments like real estate, antiques, hedge funds, and venture capital.

Equities, Annuities,
Mutual Funds and
Exchange Traded Funds

Our team works with a wide variety of financial products so we can help you select the investments that make the most sense for your life.

What Do You Get From Investment Management with West Michigan Advisors?

Balance of Risk and Reward

Each investor has unique needs and risk tolerance. We help you construct a portfolio that works with where you are and adjust it as your circumstances change.

Methodical Strategy

On their own, many investors get caught up in the news cycle. But our team looks at historical data, analyzes market trends, and utilize methodical strategy to go beyond emotion and help you reach your goals.

A Team of Counselors

We take a team approach to investing at WMA. We sit down together as an advisory council and bring our decades of experience together so you get the benefit of multiple experienced advisors.

Steady Hand in Uncertain Seasons

World events can lead to market uncertainty. But our seasoned experts have been there before and we know how to manage your investments even in the most challenging times. Enjoy the peace and assurance that experience brings.
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Don’t Let Market Fears Steal Any More of Your Time

Talk with an Advisor

Share your goals and we’ll share how we can help you reach them.

Investment Selection and Monitoring Resources

The best investment strategy is built with solid research and a clear vision.
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Prepare your portfolio for a recession the right way.

Download our free guide on getting peace of mind about your retirement future, no matter the state of the economy. We’ll talk about how to plan for retirement before and during a recession, no matter what age you are now, so you can be confident in the decisions you make for you and your family.

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